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Cosan Limited has a strong and diversified presence in the energy sector through companies specializing to fuel distribution, sugar and ethanol production, power generation, natural gas distribution and lubricants. Learn more about each company and their operations:


The result of a joint venture between Cosan and Shell, Raízen is one of Brazil’s five largest companies in terms of revenue and the country’s second-largest fuel distributor. It is also Brazil’s leading sugarcane and ethanol producer and the world’s largest individual exporter of cane sugar.

Raízen Combustíveis, the company’s fuel distribution arm, manages a nationwide distribution network of more than 6,000 Shell service stations, 950 convenience stores and 68 distribution terminals. It also operates aviation fuel distribution service in 68 airports.

Raízen Energia annually produces over 4 million tons of sugar and 2 billion liters of ethanol for both the domestic and export markets. Its power generation assets have the capacity to generate 981 MW of energy from sugarcane bagasse. Raízen Energia is recognized as one of the world’s most competitive producing companies in its segment.

Meet Raízen's ownership structure.

For further information, visit Raízen's IR website: ir.raizen.com.br


Comgás is Brazil’s largest natural gas distributor, serving 177 cities in the state of São Paulo. It connects large natural gas reserves to the country’s key consumer markets: the São Paulo metropolitan area and its densely populated surrounding regions (Campinas, Baixada Santista and Vale do Paraíba). Its portfolio of over 1.9 million residential, commercial and industrial customers is complemented by the supply of compressed natural gas (CNG) used in vehicles. Comgás also supports cogeneration projects and supplies natural gas to thermal power plants.

For further information, visit Comgás' IR website: ir.comgas.com.br


One of Brazil’s largest players in its segment, Moove globally distributes and produces lubricants and base oils under the Mobil and Comma brands. Its successful management model has been replicated in countries such as Spain, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia.

In Brazil, the company is engaged in the distribution of base oils, production and distribution of Mobil brand lubricants and management of Zip lube, a franchise chain specializing to automotive services. Outside Brazil, it markets Mobil products in South America (Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay) and Europe (Spain), and is present in 40 European and Asian countries through the brand Comma.

The company has two plants: one in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and the other in Kent, England, with combined annual production capacity of over 2 million barrels of lubricants and specialty chemicals.

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Rumo is Latin America’s largest logistics operator with an independent railroad network. It offers a comprehensive range of services through a modern and integrated intermodal platform that can transport around 18 million tons of cargo per year, which increases the efficiency of Brazil’s exports. Its 12,000 kilometers of track pass through the states of Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, São Paulo, Paraná, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul and connect the ports of Santos, Paranaguá, São Francisco do Sul and Rio Grande. 

The railroad concessionaire has a stake in Brado Logística, a company specialized in containers handling, with services directed to export and import operations and to the domestic market. Brado has its own structure of rail transportation, multimodal terminals and warehouses, and maintains strategic partnerships in different Brazilian regions. 

For further information, visit Rumo's IR website: ir.rumolog.com/enu


(*) Cosan also holds a stake on both Radar and Cosan Biomassa .

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